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How Much Do You Pay For Pokemon Singles?

You can find our bulk rates for each type of card below.

For cards not found in the table, we pay anywhere from 65%-85% of the card's current market price.

For pricing we use the average of the last few sales on TCGPlayer.


Any V/EX/GX - $0.50

Any VMAX/VSTAR/Full Art - $0.75

Trainer Gallery (TG) - $0.25

Baby Shiny/Amazing Rare - $0.50

Gold Secret Rares - $3

Rainbow Secret Rares - $2

Pins - $2

Jumbos - $0.25

Get an additional 20% for 300+ cards!

How Much Do You Pay For Graded Pokemon Cards?

We only buy PSA, CGC, and BGS graded Pokemon cards.

If the value of the graded card is $50 or less, we pay 50%.

For everything else, we pay anywhere from 65% - 85% of a cards current market value.

We use an average of the latest sales from eBay to get the current market price of a card